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Improving the quality of life for seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia.

As many of us know from personal experience, Alzheimer's, dementia, and other diseases affecting memory and cognition in older adults have severe impacts - not only do these diseases affect the lives of those diagnosed, they also affect the lives of friends, loved ones, and caregivers trying to provide assistance. SAIDO Learning can help lessen this impact by improving the quality of life for those affected by Alzheimer's and dementia. SAIDO is a nonpharmacological program based on a learning intervention offering mental exercises and an opportunity for enhancing individual engagement with staff and others in everyday life.

SAIDO Learning was developed by the Kumon Institute of Education (Kumon) of Osaka, Japan, in conjunction with Professor Ryuta Kawashima of the Smart Aging International Research Center (SAIRC) at Tohoku University in Sendai. It has been practiced for more than 18 years in more than 1,600 nursing facilities across Japan, showing increased engagement in over 18,000 older adults. The goal of SAIDO Learning is to not only provide care for individuals with dementia, but to improve their quality of life through intentional engagement opportunities.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia constitute the 6th leading cause of death in the United States today, with an estimated 5.8 million older adults diagnosed. Through SAIDO Learning, we can do more than just care for older adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia – we can positively impact their quality of life without the use of drugs.

How SAIDO Learning Works

The SAIDO Learning method involves a caregiver (called a “Supporter”) trained to work with two older adults (called “Learners”) by engaging them in a series of precise, yet simple, arithmetic, writing and reading exercises. The exercises are performed five times per week and last 30 minutes. The object of the program is not to teach the material but to engage the Learner in the accomplishment of repeated successful exercises, progressing to new material at the Learner’s own level and pace. This process fosters the Learner's confidence, abilities, and initiative to advance and try new things. Changes in Learners are often observed and range from being more engaged in daily activities and meals, more socially involved with caregivers and families, and more optimistic about daily living. Learners have also shown increased engagement and social interaction with others.

SAIDO Learning Centers

SAIDO Learning Centers provide an environment designed to offer cognitive stimulation, socialization, and fellowship. Staff are trained to identify what participants can do vs. what they have lost and encourage them to try new things. Families often report a brighter outlook on life and increased confidence in their loved one.  

SAIDO Learning Centers are located at The Renaissance Retirement Campus in Cleveland, OH, and The Good Shepherd Home in Fostoria, OH. The Centers are an exciting transition from the traditional model of adult daycare, which typically offers passive activities, assistance with activities of daily living, and supervision for older adults whose families bring them to the Center. The SAIDO Learning Centers provide SAIDO in an environment designed to holistically support the participant. Staff at the Centers provide opportunities to engage the whole person, so all aspects of wellness are addressed. Families and caregivers also benefit from SAIDO Learning Center services - our teams make it a priority to educate and share information with caregivers so they can continue to support these improvements at home.

The SAIDO Learning Centers operate Monday through Friday, and a meal and/or snacks are included. For optimum results and sustained improvement, SAIDO Learning must be consistently practiced.

The Renaissance Retirement Campus

26376 John Road

Olmsted Township, Ohio 44138


Good Shepherd Home

725 Columbus Ave.

Fostoria, OH 44820


Partnership Opportunities

Covenant Living is partnering with other aging services organizations who share our resident-centered mission to offer SAIDO Learning to older adults across the United States. All of our partnering organizations have been selected and trained to offer the same innovative and consistent program provided through the SAIDO Learning® Institute.

Become a SAIDO Learning partner and offer real hope to those impacted with dementia. To learn more contact us at 216-905-0296. As the expert in aging services,  Covenant Living has been providing innovative programs to older adults since 1886. SAIDO Learning® is our innovative approach to enhance the quality of life for our residents with dementia through a non-pharmacological program. Covenant Living and SAIDO partner communities have seen countless successes through SAIDO implementation in our resident communities. Consider joining us now as we offer this innovative program to other aging services organizations across the United States.

There is hope for people living with dementia.

SAIDO Learning Partners receive:

  • Supporter training throughout implementation
  • Operations and training materials
  • Ongoing support
  • SAIDO software

Many providers have focused on decline, caring for older adults with dementia, and managing their symptoms. SAIDO Learning is an opportunity to complement existing treatments and activities with a unique focus on improving resident engagement.

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